Staff & Board

Global Exchange is a small and feisty staff thanks to the support of people like you! Because we are often out of the office email may be the best way to get in touch - to email any of the Global Exchange staff, type firstname (at) globalexchange (dot) org. But we’d also love to speak with you, so please call (415) 255-7296 and enter the extension number from the list below.

Name Title Ext.
Ashley Interim Executive Director 203
Liza Book keeping and Fiscal Sponsorship Manager 239
Name Title Ext.
Jessica C Donation and Membership Coordinator 201
Name Title Ext.
Ted Human Rights Program Director 236
Reality Tours
Name Title Ext.
Corina Reality Tours Director 247
Derek Latin America Reality Tours Director / Communications Coordinator 225
Drea Middle East and Cuba Reality Tours Director 211
Leslie Cuba (Custom) Reality Tours Director 218