In pursuit of a rural utopia, the Khmer Rouge abolished money and private property and ordered city dwellers into the countryside to cultivate the fields.
India, it is often said is not a country but a continent, with an enormous variety and diversity which few places on earth can rival. As the world's second most populous country after China, it has the distinction of being the world's largest democracy, but with the sizable obstacles of poverty and inequality yet to be overcome. India is also at the fulcrum of major challenges to globalization - especially in the arenas of genetically modified foods and sustainable development.  
The division of Korea in 1945, the Korean War, which spanned from 1950 to 1953, and resulted in the separation of the Korean peninsula, are some of the events that have left deep wounds in the people of both nations and continue to influence relations with North Korea. Further straining the region are the United States' military presence in South Korea and North Korea's nuclear development program, which have brought it much attention in recent years. 
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Vietnam and America’s war of 38 years ago are still very much a part of our country’s consciousness today. Now the US is again invading and occupying overseas. Yet Vietnam remains a painful enigma to most Americans, even those touched directly by the conflict. Global Exchange offers a unique look at this remarkably beautiful and dynamic nation. Neither a “tour of the battle fields,” nor a “shopping and eating spree in the beauty spots,” those who join the tour will see the real Vietnam as it is today.