The unique historical trajectory of Africa has made it a fascinating, significant and horrifyingly neglected corner of our globe. Indeed, the continent contains a historical, cultural and social diversity that makes it one of the most remarkable areas of the world.

Travel to Africa provides a unique and fascinating experience that allows individuals to witness the intersection of politics and culture in contemporary Africa and explore the many challenges facing African governments and people.
Join us as we learn about this dynamic continent through the construction of meaningful people-to-people ties!
What is the legacy of Nelson Mandela? Find out why South Africa has inspired so much hope in the world. The transformation from racist pariah state to a leading democratic nation has been a marvel of our time. Our delegation goes beyond the safari-kitch of African tourism.
Discovering Uganda means exploring a quintessential example of the complex and unique tasks facing post-colonial African states. Indeed, the formidable project of nation-state building in Africa is clearly exemplified within the Ugandan political, economic, cultural and social context.    The development of this East African nation is beset with fascinating and complex issues that make it an exceptional case study within the East African community and the larger narrative of post-colonial Africa.