Mexico and Human Rights

Our Mexico Program seeks to support Mexico's democratic movement through public education in the U.S. about the realities of Mexico and the need for changes in U.S. trade and military policy toward Mexico, especially those that are exacerbating the drug trade. Our Program seeks to help educate and mobilize broad sectors of U.S. and Mexican public and promote engagement cross border campaigns to end gun trafficking, challenge our governments to get serious about drug policy reform, and end the Merida Initiative model that embodies US support for the current drug war paradigm.

Global Exchange supports the popular, non-violent movements in Mexico that are mobilizing to re-found Mexico’s failing institutions. In Mexico, the Program supports local efforts for justice, peace and human rights.  It will take a movement of millions –on both sides of the border-- to overcome the lawyers, guns, and money that come with drug prohibition, easy access to assault weapons, and government billions for the drug war.