End Dirty Energy

We know that the world must move rapidly away from oil as an energy resource to save our climate, protect democracy, and stop current and future wars for oil.

And, for as long as the world continues to use oil, there will be steep costs born by those communities that live and work at the points of oil exploration, production, transport, refining, selling, and disposal. Far too often, these costs are unnoticed and unheeded by any outside of those immediate communities who are then left to do battle against Big Oil in virtual isolation and often with little success.
By joining with allies from around the world, we work to help uncover and expose these harms and to stand with these communities in one powerful movement. We create a powerful base advocating for real policy change -  for as long as we continue to use oil, its operations will be as clean, safe, humane, and equitable as possible as we work to move away from oil altogether and towards a clean sustainable energy future.