Community Leaders to Confront Chevron at Annual Shareholder Meeting, Expose Brutal Reality of Chevron’s Operations Where They Live, & Disagree with Chevron’s Rosy Image

WHAT: Colorful Protest Rally Outside - Creative Visuals -
Local and International Shareholder Activism Inside Chevron’s Annual Shareholder Meeting

WHEN: Wednesday, May 24
7:00am – 11:00am

WHERE: Chevron’s World Headquarters
6001 Bollinger Canyon Rd
San Ramon, California 94583

WHY: On May 25, Chevron will be confronted by those most impacted by its operations who argue that contrary to Chevron’s rosy images portrayed in its “We Agree” Ad campaign, Chevron’s operations have abused human rights, polluted environments, and devastated local economies.

Community leaders from Angola, Ecuador, Indonesia, Nigeria, the Canadian tarsands, Alaska, Texas, and more will join those from the Bay Area to attend the company’s annual shareholder meeting while supporters hold a colorful rally outside to demand that Chevron agree to change its ways. They and other advocates will attend Chevron’s annual shareholder meeting as share- and proxy-holders to deliver their message directly to the company’s executives, board members, and other shareholders.

Last year, Chevron moved its shareholder meeting to Houston and denied 17 legal proxy holders their right to attend the meeting, including those who had traveled from Chevron-affected communities in Colombia, Ecuador, Nigeria, Australia, Alaska, Canada and more, who were left standing on the street corner while Chevron's meeting took place. Chevron then instructed the Houston police to arrest five people, including a shareholder inside of the meeting, who opposed the denial of access. Many of those who were turned away last year have returned this year.

They have documented the harmful impacts of Chevron's operations around the world in The True Cost of Chevron: An Alternative Annual Report, complete with nearly 500 endnotes, it is an exhaustive and expert investigation into the company's local and global practices. They are putting Chevron on notice that the communities that live and advocate where Chevron operates have formed a powerful international network that is growing in numbers and strength to stand together, hold Chevron fully to account for its harmful practices and demand that it clean up and mend its destructive operations.






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