Tools for creating, lobbying for and passing your own peace resolution

Why work to pass a Cities for Peace resolution in your city? What can ordinary citizens do to express their opposition to a war with Iran? Can public opinion ever really influence Congress, the President and U.S policy?

It is becoming increasingly important that you make your voice heard and take action to demonstrate to congress that going to war with Iran is against our interests as citizens and as a country. Never has this been more important; resolutions 362 and 580, urging the President to take harsher action towards Iran, and even advocating a naval blockade that could be construed as an act of war, are gaining momentum in Congress. These resolutions, combined with the increasingly inflammatory rhetoric that the President himself is directing towards Iran, are stoking tensions that could all too easily escalate into another war. We must not stand by and let this happen.

It is time for us to exercise our rights and privileges as citizens of the United States. Hundreds of thousands have already died in Iraq and Afghanistan. Here at home, at a time of economic crisis, the $275 million a day being spent on Iraq is sucking vital resources away from necessary public services. We cannot stand by and let the U.S be dragged into yet another disastrous war. We must make our voices heard.



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