Peace Background

From our earliest campaigns in South Africa and Latin America to our latest work to end US occupation of Iraq, bring our troops home from Afghanistan, and prevent war in Iran, Global Exchange has been a leader in the peace movement.

In Colombia, East Timor, Nigeria, Guatemala and Chiapas, we have supported peaceful communities whose lives were in danger, by sending fact finding delegations, publishing exposes, providing witness and accompaniment so that human rights workers are protected by an international spotlight.  In 1990, recognizing that the first US war with Iraq was rooted in our dependence on oil, we launched the No Blood for Oil campaign, organizing college teach-ins, providing toolkits  and trainings for students to mobilize against the war.  

In the aftermath of 9/11, Global Exchange immediately launched “No Hate Zones,” helping communities come together to stop hate crimes and to help build the largest anti-war coalition in the US. All of our work promotes cooperation and dialogue over conflict and  prioritizes international collaboration as central to insuring peace.



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