The Yes Men Weather the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Fix the World, Then on Nov. 1 Protest Chevron in SF

* Interviews Now Available with <b>Yes Man Andy Bichlbaum</b> and Antonia Juhasz *
Thursday, October 29, 2009



Special Screening of The Yes Men Fix the World with Andy Bichlbaum (co-writer, directer, and producer) joined by Global Exchange Chevron Program Director, Antonia Juhasz.

Followed by The Entire Theater of Moviegoers and Protesters March to and Protest Local Chevron Station!


Sunday, November 1
5pm - Film Screening
6:30pm - Q & A with Andy Bichlbaum, joined by Antonia Juhasz
6:45pm - The Entire Theater of moviegoers + Protesters Gathered Outside March to large Chevron Station at Market & Castro for fun, colorful, creative, funny, very visually stimulating protest of Chevron.


Film Screening at The Roxie Movie Theater 3117 16th Street, SF
Protest at the Chevron Station at Market and Castro, SF


Andy Bichlbaum and other Corporate Chieftains, protected by SurvivaBalls (an advanced new technology that will keep corporate managers safe even when climate change makes life as we know it impossible - see CNN coverage of the launch of the SurvivaBalls in New York with CNN anchor Jeanne Moos), and flanked by colorful visuals and hundreds of ruckus protesters, will roll up the streets of SF for a Yes Men style response to Chevron's role at the forefront of climate destruction, human rights and public health abuse, environmental devastation, economic strangulation, and wars for oil (long version of lengthy list of Chevron's corporate crimes) (short version of lengthy list of Chevron's corporate crimes).


THE YES MEN (currently being sued by The U.S. Chamber of Commerce) are Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bananno. They have an unusual hobby: posing as top executives of corporations they hate. Armed with nothing but thrift-store suits, the Yes Men lie their way into business conferences and parody their corporate targets in ever more extreme ways - basically doing everything that they can to wake up their audiences to the danger of letting greed run our world. Their new documentary, The Yes Men Fix The World, debuts in SF Friday, October 30. Described as:

"Outrageously entertaining....This movie is glorious testimony to the moral power of satire." - New York Magazine

"Great fun! It takes some nerve, not to mention diabolical intelligence... to pull off the elaborate pranks devised by the Yes Men." - New York Times

Antonia Juhasz is the Director of The Chevron Program at Global Exchange. The Chevron Program links communities across California, the U.S. and the world to expose the true cost of Chevron and reign in the entire oil industry. Global Exchange is a 20-year-old human rights organization based in SF. Antonia is lead author and editor of, The True Cost of Chevron: An Alternative Annual Report and author of The Tyranny of Oil: the Worlds Most Powerful Industry--And What We Must Do To Stop It.

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CONTACT:<br />Juliette Beck, media consultant, 530-902-8407 cell Antonia Juhasz, Director of The Chevron Program, 415-846-5447 cell

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