Paris: Why We Must Break the Circle of Insanity

Ted Lewis
Saturday, November 14, 2015

As I awoke this morning, thinking about the gruesome attacks in Paris last night, I reflected on the cataclysmic mistakes we made after September 11.

I remembered that the French were among those who recognized the dangers of President Bush lashing out at convenient targets like Saddam Hussein -- who very clearly had nothing to do with wounding the United States. The French argued that a unilateral invasion that ignored international law would destabilize the Middle East and make things worse and far more dangerous; but French diplomatic efforts to restrain this idiotic foreign policy disaster in the making were rewarded with scorn.

So now, as we sympathize with our French friends, remembering Lafayette and the long history of solidarity our nations have shared during war and peace, let's honor the dead by seeking a better world, not simply by avenging them in ways that further injure our fragile world and blight the prospects of future generations.