Oil leak numbers shocking

Eileen Luongo
Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dear Editor: Re: Members walk, saying Chevron misled them, Burnaby NOW, Jan. 5.

First I would like to thank Jennifer Moreau for her continued interest in the oil leak at the Chevron refinery in Burnaby. I am a fairly new member of the Chevron community advisory panel and, as such, have not yet quit out of frustration. It has been nearly eight months since the leak was detected in April 2010, and Chevron has been using the figure of five to seven tablespoons per day when referring to the oil seeping into the Burrard Inlet. As it turns out, extraction wells are pumping 80 litres per day on the Chevron site.

I was shocked at the 80 litre per day figure because that could add up to 20,000 litres in eight months. I was also disappointed that it took so long for the enormity of the leak to be measured and made public. Seven tablespoons per day may only be reaching the beach, but the leak, the source of which has not yet been located, may actually be closer to 80 litres per day. I am confident that Chevron is working hard to resolve this situation. Hopefully the source of the leak will soon be found.

Eileen Luongo, Burnaby

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