Iran, Israel go to the mat in U.N. debate

Thursday, October 21, 2010


 The U.N. General Assembly had a debate on disarmament measures for conventional and nuclear weapons.

Meir Itzchaki, the Israeli envoy to the United Nations, said the 2006 war between Hezbollah and Israel showed militant groups are gaining access to sophisticated weapons such as unmanned aerial vehicles and medium- and short-range missiles.

He complained that arms transfers from Iran and Syria to Hezbollah continued in violation of U.N. sanctions while Hamas follows the example set by its Lebanese counterparts by stoking conflict in Gaza.

Iran complained, however, that the international community couldn't have a comprehensive disarmament measure until major weapons exporters met their current obligations.

Iranian envoy Taghi Ferami said billions of dollars of military assistance for "the Zionist regime" encouraged an expansionist and aggressive national policy from Tehran's arch foe.

"Given the well-documented United Nations reports on various war crimes committed by military officers and high officials of the regime, the main suppliers of arms were accomplices in those war crimes and must immediately stop exporting weapons to that regime," a U.N. summary of his statements read.

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