Curriculum & Schedule: 2012

The 2012 GELT curriculum will collaborate with local, regional and national individuals and organizations who are pioneering green economy industries and applications to provide the highest level of experience for participants and community residents. There will be universal content that all GELT participants will receive, but the majority of the program will be in “Industry Training Tracks” that will be chosen by the participant.

visit the course catalogue to learn more about the classes: (coming soon....)
Principle Curriculum
Participants will be required to engage in the following courses:
2012-01: Theory of Change
instructors: GELT founders, Brandon Knight, Scott Meloeny
2012-02: Permaculture Design Certificate
instructors: Chiwara Permaculture and Abundant Succession
2012-03: Entrepreneurship
instructors: to be determined
2012-04: Nutritional Mind & Body
instructors: to be determined
Industry Training Tracks
Each industry training track will be comprised of following content specific to its field. Participants will choose which track to attend before arriving to GELT. Visit the GELT Course Catalogue to explore each track in more detail.
1. Technical Skill Training 
2. Fellowship at Local Business 
3. Community Project 
4. Business Generation 
5. Supplemental Classes, Workshops and Trainings(as needed) 
2012-05: Renewable Energy Technology 
2012-06: Energy Efficiency 
2012-07: Resource Management 
2012-08: Urban Agriculture 
Auxiliary Curriculum
The following courses and series will be offered throughout GELT, providing participants the opportunity, and option, to compliment Principle and Industry Curriculum.
2012-09: Sustainable Design/Architecture Series instructors: Virtuoso Design/Build
2012-10: Yoga for Positive Living Series
instructors: TBD
2012-11: Selling your Idea, Business Series
instructors: Somerset Financial
2012-12: Race, Democracy and the new Economy
instructors: Rev David Bullock
2012-13: Becoming the Next Google: DP’s evolution
instructors: Distributed Power
2012-14: Building your Financial Livelihood
instructors: TBD
The following list of events and activities will be available for GELT participants to attend:
  • Speaker Series
  • Weekend Athletic Tournaments (basketball, soccer. etc)
  • Fireside Discussion (themed conversations)
The Opportunity