Sweatfree Resources

Sweatfree Toolkit

How your community can help end sweatshops

Global Exchange and Sweatfree Communities have developed this toolkit to help you launch a successful sweatfree campaign in your community.

The kit is divided into the five main sections. Each section may be downloaded separately below as a PDF or the complete 69-page Sweatfree Toolkit can be dowloaded as one PDF.

Complete Sweatfree Toolkit (one PDF file)

Sweatfree Toolkit Introduction (.pdf)

I. Taking Action (.pdf)

  • Running a Successful Campaign
  • Strategy Chart: Getting Organized/Think Strategically
  • Sweatfree State and Local Governments
  • Sweatfree Public Schools
  • Sweatfree Catholic Schools
  • Sweatfree Religious Institutions
  • Working with Local Clothing and Retailers & Vendors

II. Campaign Toolkit (.pdf)

  • Answers to Common Questions
  • Fact Sheet
  • Sample Outreach flyer
  • Sample Petition
  • Working with Elected Officials
  • How to Use the Media
  • Making News
  • Fundraising

III. Sweatfree Policy Toolkit (.pdf)

  • Core Elements of the Policy
  • Sample Policy
  • Enforcing the Policy
  • Sweatfree Purchasing and Trade Rules

IV. Trainer's Guide (.pdf)

V. Resources (.pdf)


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