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100% Fair Trade companies

These companies are 100% Fair Trade or transitioning to 100% Fair Trade - the way the industry should be- and we commend their leadership. Listings including non-100% companies, manufacturers, importers, and processors: TransFairUSA. Retailer listings: TransFair USA, Fair Trade Federation. Order on-line from company web sites or GX's Fair Trade store. Favorite company isn't listed? Can't find these products locally? Click on "Act Now!" and take action!

Chocolate and Cocoa

Dean's Beans Hot cocoa and baking cocoa. 100% organic and kosher. Source: El Ceibo, Costa Rica. Bulk available.

Divine Chocolate. Source: Kuapa Kokoo, Ghana, which is also part owner of the Divine.

Equal Exchange Chocolate bars (milk, dark w/ almonds and very dark), hot cocoa and baking cocoa (with alkali). 100% organic, Fair Trade sugar, milk from the Organic Valley Co-op. Source: CONACADO, Dominican Republic.

Ithaca Fine Chocolates. "Art Bars." 100% organic. Source: El Ceibo, Bolivia. 10% of profits donated to arts education programs.

Alter Eco, featuring the wonderfully smooth-textured Velvet bar!

Sojourn. Hot cocoa mixes. 100% organic and kosher. Private label available.

La Siembra/Cocoa Camino. 100% organic with Fair Trade sugar from a co-op in Paraguay. Source: CONACADO, Dominican Republic.

Sweet Earth Organic Chocolates. World-class chocolate made by American artisans using fairly traded, organic cocoa. Offerings include chocolate bars, dark and milk chocolate chips, and holiday chocolates (Valentine's Day, Halloween, Easter).

Omanhene. Chocolate bars, hot cocoa. Source: Kuapa Kokoo, Ghana. Product made in Ghana. Private label available.

Yachana Gourmet. "Jungle Chocolate" - roasted cacao nibs sweetened with cane juice. Source: Ecuador. Product made in Ecuador.


These companies sources from a wide variety of origins and offer numerous blends. See company web sites for details.

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