Ghirardelli: Is it Fair or Not?

The Fair Trade cocoa movement was built by kids, churches, schools, towns, and individual consumers who want to be able to eat chocolate untainted by bitter working conditions. Fair Trade has revolutionized the global economy by setting minimum standards of fairness – in terms of labor, environment and community development. It has become the yardstick by which to measure and contrast products produced under unbridled free trade conditions.
Ghirardelli Chocolate claims to make premium chocolate by carefully selecting cocoa beans of the highest quality, but real quality should not come at the cost of environmental destruction, poverty, and bitter child labor. We are demanding the company label its chocolate as certified Fair Trade.
We want Fair Trade Certified cocoa now – the only way that we can be sure that farmers and communities are getting a fair price, that no children have to work instead of going to school and that the environment is protected. 
UPDATE 04/2014: Since the launch of our Ghirardelli campaign, Ghirardelli executives have since issued a response to the flood of letters coming into their offices. Read Ghirardelli's response (.pdf), then read Global Exchange's response.
UPDATE 05/2014: Ghirardelli's second response.