Workshop: 99Rise Strategic Nonviolent Movement Training

When & Where
Global Exchange - Conference Room
2017 Mission Street 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94110
December 7, 2013 - 10:00am - 6:00pm
415 847 5351


Join 99rise for an empowering training and become a leader in the grassroots nonviolent struggle for democracy. The training will cover:
*How to share your own story to mobilize supporters and build community
*The basic dynamics of nonviolent conflict
*The strategy and principles of 99Rise
*Organizing 101
*Effective action planning
*Much more

Space is limited so RSVP!The corrupting influence of Big Money in politics has rendered our government utterly incapable of representing the American people, the 99%. Instead, it pursues the interests of billionaires and corporations, the very same 1% who finance politicians’ campaigns and who unceasingly lobby them for their own private gain.

The results are everywhere: trillions of dollars in corporate tax havens while social programs are cut, imperialist wars and out of control military spending, a suicidal energy policy that denies climate change, half-measure healthcare reform, privatized education, a for-profit prison system… The 99% suffers for the 1%’s profits.

This perversion of democracy must stop now!

Join 99Rise in building a nationwide, grassroots movement of direct, nonviolent resistance to corporate power and democratic corruption.

Come to our to our two-day intensive training,  where we will together develop the tools we need to build a movement that uses escalating direct nonviolent action to create fundamental political change.

Now is the time. Stand up. Come together. Fight back.