Teach-In: Theater of the Oppressed

When & Where
Niebyl Proctor Marxist Library
6501 Telegraph Avenue [at 654th Ave.]
Oakland, CA 94609
May 9, 2013 - 10:00am - 7:00pm

Developed by Augusto Boal from the work of Paulo Freire, Theater of the
Oppressed (TO) is a collection of games, techniques and exercises that use
art and theater as a vehicle for personal and political change. Theater of
the Oppressed is “dialectics on its feet”: a way of using embodied critical
thinking and creative collective action to analyze power dynamics,
transform oppression, and find community-building solutions to problems of
inequality, conflict and injustice.

Born out of a revolutionary context in Brazil, and refined for half a
century by activists, educators, and artists worldwide, Theater of the
Oppressed comprises a large set of tools for dialogue,
consciousness-raising, analysis, problem-solving, empowerment, solidarity,
and messaging.

This is an introductory workshop for anyone wishing to learn more about
Theater of the Oppressed, especially students, activists, educators, social
workers, scholars, and individuals who are looking for ways to take their
passion and energy for justice into more effective, radical, and creative
ways to transform our world and our social relations.

No prior theater experience necessary. Please dress to move.

Cost: This workshop is a fundraiser for the NPML library. We request
donations of $10-$60. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Space
is limited; please register.