Speaking Event: OSHA, Health & Safety and Whistleblowers

When & Where
730 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA
October 15, 2013 - 5:30pm - 7:30pm
415 2821 1908

Join Becky McClain And Dr. Larry Rose On OSHA, Health And Safety And Whistleblowers

Becky McClain, Former Pfizer Molecular Biologist and Leading Spokesperson for Whistleblowers (Former chair of IWNN)
Dr. Larry Rose, Former Director of the OSHA Medical Unit

Former Pfizer molecular biologist scientist Becky McClain will discuss the lessons of her case for other workers who become whistleblowers and how the collusion between companies like Pfizer, OSHA and educational institutions have covered up the serious health and safety concerns for workers and the public about these life and death issues. She will also be joined by Dr. Larry Rose who is the former director of Ca-OSHA Medical Unit. The unit has been eliminated by the both the Democratic and Republican governors of California and will discuss how California can defend it's health and safety of 18 million workers with only 162 OSHA inspectors.

Cost: FREE