Speaking Event: The Fight for Queer Liberation Continues

When & Where
Oakland Peace Center - Fellowship Hall
111 Fairmont Avenue
Oakland, CA
April 20, 2013 - 6:00pm
Regina Johnson
415 320 7416

Sherry Wolf is a public speaker, writer, socialist and Palestine solidarity activist with Adalah-NY. She blogs at SherryTalksBack.wordpress.com

Imprisoned behind hundreds of miles of border walls, subjected to indiscriminate killings, and deprived of basic human dignity, Palestinians are asking for our solidarity.

Apologists for Israel push a "pinkwashing" public relations campaign that promotes a supposedly progressive record of LGBT rights to divert attention away from apartheid conditions and to conjure an image of Israel as a democratic "light unto the nations."

No amount of pinkwashing can justify apartheid or the genocidal violence faced by Palestinians. In Sherry's words: "It is up to activists - Jewish lesbians like myself, straight gentiles, everyone who cares about social justice - to stand up to Israel's racist policies and those who help to veil them."

Join a discussion with Sherry Wolf about her book, Sexuality and Socialism, and the struggle for marriage equality and the possibilities of building a movement for full LGBT liberation.

Live poetry with Jared Paul will follow the discussion.