Mike Hudema

Mike Hudema is a long time member of the Canadian activist scene. He was part of a motley band of activists that took to the streets of Quebec City for the FTAA protests, slept on the steps of the legislature to protest rising tuition rates when he was President of the University of Alberta Students' Union, and occupied Anne McLellan's office to defeat Canada's anti-terrorism legislation. In his spare time he co-hosts an alternative campus community radio news program Rise Up: Radio Free Edmonton and co-writes books like the recently published "An Action a Day Keeps Global Capitalism Away".

Mike moved to the US a year ago and works for Global Exchange as their Independence from Oil" campaign director. Since coming down to the states Mike has co-organized 4 national days of action, launched a campaign to "Save Hockey -- Fight Climate Change", and co-created the Oil Addicts Anonymous and the Oil Enforcement Agency. He works to end America's addiction to oil, stop the runaway global climate crisis, separate oil from state Separate Oil from State and put a complete moratorium on Alberta tar sands development.
In addition to his work at Global Exchange, Mike is the actions coordinator for the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition, a climb trainer for the Ruckus Society and is heavily involved in Energy Action's newly formed action group. Visit the coalition website at JumpStart Ford.
Topics covered
  • Corporate Campaigning: How to Take on the Big Boys and Win
  • Oil Addiction: How to Admit the Addiction and Get Some Help
  • Sustainable Transportation
  • Creative Activism: Big Wins with Small Resources
  • Youth Initiatives and Climate Change
  • Non-Violent Direct Action, Action Climbing and Blockades
  • Tarsands: the Blackhole of North America
If you would like to plan a speaking event with Mike, please contact him at mhudema [at] greenpeace.org or (780) 432-5409.