Afnan Al-Hashimi

Afnan began speaking publicly at the age of 12. In October 2006, she received the prestigious Canadian Islamic Congress Community Youth Award in recognition for her continued efforts in speaking up against the atrocities committed against Muslim nations, such as the unnecessary wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. She spoke in a number of anti-war rallies in Toronto.

Afnan does not limit herself to political issues. She speaks on a variety of economic and social topics as well. She is specializing in Economics at the University of Toronto. Her specific field of pursuit is “Micro-Economy as a means of empowerment for widows in war-stricken countries.” She has recently given talks on the probable cause for the disparity in fertility and fecundity rates between developed and developing nations, published an article in an international conference entitled “Quran – The Guide to Perfection”, and has given talks to Muslim youths. In her presentations, she highlights the empowerment the Muslim youths can derive from their religion. As a motivational speaker, Afnan connects well with youth who find themselves drowned in societal vices.

Topics covered
  • Inside Iraq: Accounts from an Iraqi Refugee
  • Iraq & US Foreign Policy


If you would like to plan a speaking event with Afnan, please email her at afnana [at] with "Speaking Request 512" in the subject line.