Rally: Citizen's United Day of Action at Richmond Chevron Refinery

When & Where
Chevron Refinery
841 Chevron Way
Richmond, CA
January 19, 2013 - 12:00pm - 3:00pm

On this Citizens United National Day of Action we are coming together to say enough! and ¡Ya basta! to money in politics. Political and environmental pollution have a common source, and fighting climate change effectively demands that we first reclaim our democracy. Citizens United must be overturned, and corporate constitutional “rights” abolished. We reassert the power of people over corporatocracy!
Please join us on January 19th at 12 noon at the Richmond BART station. We‘ll march to Washington Park in Point Richmond for a lively rally with speakers and entertainment, then regroup at the Chevron refinery gates for a human billboard and non- violent direct action. If there is bad, weather just meet at the Chevron refinery gates at 1pm.

12:00 noon at Richmond Bart station

1:00pm At Washington Park in Point Richmond corner of Cutting blvd and Gerrard blvd.

1:30 Chevron Refinery Gates in Richmond.