Potluck Dinner: Progressives' "No Corporate Money"

When & Where
San Rafael Fist United Methodist Church
9 Ross Valley Drive [at 4th Street]
San Rafael, CA 94901
January 27, 2014 - 6:30pm
Barbara Bogard
415 250 6539


Marin Peace & Justice Coalition will host a potluck dinner and screening of a portion of Jekyll Island: The Truth Behind the Federal Reserve. According to the documentary's director, Bill Still, former journalist, editor, and publisher,

“Economic instability always favors the banks and financial speculators...As long as banks are in control of the money, there is NO WAY they will ever create a stable system.” He adds, "…today nations do not control their national money supply. Today, most money is created by banks – as loans.”

Guest speaker Laura Wells, the Green Party's 2014 "No Corporate Money" candidate for State Controller, will suggest alternatives to our present monetary system. One option is a state-owned bank, such as the Bank of North Dakota. As the only state-owned bank in the US, it earned a record profit last year, even as its private-sector corollaries lost billions. Could opening a state-owned bank here in California get us out of our financial crisis?

Join the dialogue, share your ideas, and become part of the solution at this FREE event.