Fim & Discussion: War on Whistleblowers

When & Where
San Jose Peace and Justice
48 South 7th Street
San Jose, CA 95112
August 30, 2013 - 7:00pm
408 297 2299

Free Press and the National Security State

A new film from Brave New Foundation, "War on Whistleblowers" is a documentary directed by Robert Greenwald that highlights the crackdown on whistleblowers.

President Obama has stated the need for an open transparent government but yet his administration has continued to go to great lengths to keep the American public in the dark and from knowing the truth and has harshly punished those for publicly speaking the truth about government spying, phone wire tappings on Americans, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and so on. The following is a quote from Rolling Stone magazine "When asked about Obama's approach to classified information and press freedom by the Columbia Journalism Review, James Goodale – The New York Times' chief counsel when they published the Pentagon Papers in 1971 – said, 'Worse than Nixon. He thinks that anyone who leaks is a spy! I mean, it's cuckoo.'"

This film focuses on 4 whistleblowers, Daniel Ellsberg is one, who had their lives forever altered for exposing the truth to the press. Whistleblowers have played an important role in history and we are entitled to know the truth!