Film Screening: Gasland II Movie Party

When & Where
Potrero Hill
San Francisco, CA 94107
July 14, 2013 - 3:00pm
Kirsten Moller
kirsten [at] globalexchange [dot] org

In the sequel to his Oscar-nominated documentary Gasland, director Josh Fox once again pulls back the curtain on the oil and gas industry and introduces us to the people and communities whose lives are torn apart by fracking. Gasland Part II breaks down the consequences of this multi-billion dollar industry on our health, our climate, our economy, and our democracy—and shows how a movement is growing to fight back.

On Sunday, July 14, thousands will gather in living rooms nationwide for Gasland Part II Movie Parties. We'll watch the film, get informed, and meet other people in our communities who want to protect our water, air and climate from fracking. After the film, we'll discuss local strategies to grow the vibrant movement to ban fracking.

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Communities have the right to say “NO to Fracking" and take a stand to protect the health, safety and welfare of their residents, and the groundwater upon which they depend on.

Global Exchange’s Community Rights Program kicked-off a campaign in California aimed at exposing fracking- and organizing communities to assert their right to stop fracking- during the Global Frackdown in September 2012.

Corporations shouldn’t have the power to do what they please wherever they like. Communities should have the power to decide what can or cannot happen in the place they live. We will help support communities that gives them this power by to passing rights-based ordinances that BAN fracking at the local level and elevate citizens' rights to decide if they want fracking in their community, not corporations or the state.

Join us to learn about "Fracking" and how we can support communities to say no!