Film & Discussion: We Came Home

When & Where
World Affairs Council
312 Sutter Street 2nd Floor Auditorium
San Francisco, CA 94108
September 19, 2013 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm
415 293 4600

"We Came Home" tells the story of Afghanistan through Afghan American artist, Ariana Delawari. Born into a suburban Los Angeles home the same year the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, Ariana’s life unfolds parallel to the ever-changing events of her father’s homeland. The Delawari household is a place of both celebration and activism, with the family attempting to recreate the Kabul they knew and left behind, before the tanks and land mines.

September 11th changes the course of her family’s lives and Ariana spends the following ten years traveling between Los Angeles and Kabul, documenting the land of her ancestry through photographs, film and music.

With the Taliban resurgence, Ariana realizes that her currency is art, and that the opportunity to bridge the two halves of her existence may soon be gone forever. She rounds up her Los Angeles bandmates and sets out to record an album in Kabul with three Afghan Ustads, or master musicians.

The recording is a glimpse into the challenges of building anything in Afghanistan after thirty years of war, but nothing can touch the universal language of music that unfolds between these LA hipsters and elder maestros.

Members: Free; Non-members: $15; Students: $5