Film & Discussion: "Sengadal, the Dead Sea"

When & Where
Centerville Community Center
3355 Community Center
Fremont, CA
June 15, 2013 - 3:00pm

Friends of South Asia presents "Sengadal, the Dead Sea", A community participatory cinema by Leena Manimekalai, 102 minutes

'Sengadal, the Dead Sea' captures the fragments of simple lives beaten by three decade-long ethnic war in Sri Lanka. The film unfolds in a fishing village, Dhanushkodi, the southernmost tip of India where life and death co-exist.

The film fictionalises the experiences of fishermen and their families and portrays them as living in a state of fear and uncertainty because of harassment and suspicion by the authorities. Tamil refugees from Sri Lanka, dispossessed of their lands and Gods, arrive on the Indian mainland to an uncertain future with ever receding hopes of return. Dhanushkodi is the crucible wherein history brews, a concoction of defeated lives and exhausted dreams. Sengadal ran into trouble with the Central Board of Film Certification for its potentially incendiary critique of the Indian and the Sri Lankan governments. After months of struggle and a legal battle, the film has secured a clearance certificate for public exhibition.

Interview with the filmmaker- "No Holds Barred" (from 'The Hindu')