Film & Discussion: Knocking on the Devil's Door

When & Where
Humanist Hall
390 27th Street [between Telegarph & Broadway]
Oakland, CA 94612
December 4, 2013 - 7:30pm
510 681 8699


Gary Null, radio talk show host and author, with Producer Richard Gale, has produced a comprehensive indictment of nuclear power and weapons. The first thing the public needs to know is that it is not merely a debate about which way to go with policy. Rather, the nuclear issue is about life and death now. So a big public service is in exposing the nuclear industry's lies that are killing people today at increasing rates. Premiered in August, Knocking on the Devil's Door: Our Deadly Nuclear Legacy has taken on the political, financial, technical and other scientific aspects of a monstrously complicated and scary topic. In 135 minutes the film takes a semi-informed viewer from innocence to mind-blown amazement -- and perhaps depression.

If one could just watch an abridged version of Knocking on the Devil's Door, of maybe only one-fifth of the whole film, it would totally undermine any misplaced faith in the nuclear industry and its handmaiden, the government. The additional four-fifths' content is excellent for burying the zombie foreve

Beginning with footage of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima, the early history of the nuclear weapons/power complex and its government backing set the stage for in-depth interviews with well-informed scientists and activists. As the film goes on, the facts and dangers pile upon yet more facts and dangers that soon cause any viewer's head to spin with sadness and outrage.

All aspects of the nuclear assault are covered in this documentary. The expertise is unassailable, including international scientists, and well known anti-nuclear activists such as Pediatrician Helen Caldicott, Dr. Vandana Shiva, Michio Kaku, Greg Palast, Harvey Wasserman, Chris Busby, Dr. Janette Sherman, Karl Grossman, Ernest Sternglass, Aileen Mioko Smith, and Beyond Nuclear's Kevin Kamp.

Find an expert to put them down or object to the premise of the film, and you have an expert who is alright with environmental rape and damage to the human gene pool, and who believes ever more technology and energy is tantamount to (materialist) life itself. After all, such an expert insists, we all must be reasonable and compromising in a democracy.

The film reminds us of basics that we would rather forget: there is no radioactive-waste disposal system that works long term. The stuff is piling up and leaking. It is dangerous and causes cancer and birth defects. All nuclear power plants are ticking time-bombs for accidents, natural disasters, or terrorism. Bomb material comes from nuclear power plants. Worse, government primarily serves industrial profit, so it is not there to protect us or the planet, but to cover for and enrich the polluters and scam artists of the nuclear industry.