Film & Discussion: "Citizen Koch"

When & Where
San Jose City College, Drama Building
2100 Moorepark Avenue
San Jose, CA 95128
April 24, 2014 - 6:30pm


"America -- they're coming for you next."

The Supreme Court's landmark Citizens United ruling marked a seismic shift in how America's elections are fought and financed.

Speakers: Tia Lessin & Carl Deal, Filmmakers

That’s the warning from a Wisconsin state employee after her union rights were destroyed by a Republican governor funded by corporate and billionaire donors whose ultimate goal is to break the unions nationwide -- and cripple the labor-backed Democratic party. Citizen Koch explores what the Wisconsin playbook and the U.S. Supreme Court decision that unleashed a new era of unbridled special-interest spending mean for us all. And it poses a crucial question: Who owns democracy in America?