Veolia Campaign Victories


Total value of lost Veolia contracts: € 18.122 billion  ($23.97 billion)

WHEN: January 2014
WHERE: U.S., Boston
WHAT: Veolia loses Massachusetts commuter rail contract to competitor after 10 years of operation, following a public campaign highlighting the company’s poor performance and human rights violations in Palestine. Contract worth is estimated at $4.26 Billion.
WHO/HOW: Campaign led by a coalition led by The Boston Coalition for Palestinian Rights
LINK(S): Veolia loses out on $4 billion Boston contract

WHEN: November 2013
WHAT: Veolia withdraws itself from consideration for a contract in St. Louis worth well over $250,000 after a resolution is passed that would remove funds allocated for Veolia in the city's budget.
WHO/HOW: Campaign by the St Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee (PSC) and local and national coalition partners.  
LINK(S): St. Louis Dumps Occupation Profiteer Veolia!

WHEN: May 2013
WHAT: Sheffield University decided not to renew a waste collection contract worth £2m with Veolia.
WHO/HOW: Campaign by the campus Palestine Society and supported by the student union and other campus groups. 
LINK(S): Sheffield University dumps Veolia

WHEN: January 2013
WHERE: France
WHAT: The Rennes City Council voted to not renew a contract with Veolia for management of their water.
WHO/HOW: The BDS campaign Rennais France Palestine Solidarity Committee played a major role and made sure information regarding Veolia's violations of internation law in Palestine reached the councilors.
LINK(S): Veolia will no longer provide water to the city of Rennes! (in french)

WHEN: January 2013
WHAT: Veolia withdraws from water contract bidding valued at $325 million in Yolo County, California.
WHO/HOW: Veolia's decision came after outcry by Yolo County citizens and groups regarding the company's abuses of Palestinian rights.  
LINK(S): Veolia Withdraws from California Water Contract Bidding

WHEN: December 2012
WHERE: England
WHAT: Veolia pulls out of North London Waste Authority contract (worth £4.7 billion) tender process.
WHO/HOW: Vigorous campaigning by several organizations, including the No to Veolia Action Group. Actions included pressuring councillors and the North London Waste Authority which also created negative publicity for Veolia and encouraged their withdrawal from the contract. 
LINK(S): Veolia withdraws bid for North London waste contract under boycott pressure 

WHEN: October 2012
WHERE: England
WHAT: Veolia Environment has failed to obtain an 8-year, £40 million contract with Canterbury City Council. The bid instead went to Serco, the current holder.
WHO/HOW: Local campaigners from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, East Kent Justice for Palestinians, Stop the Cuts group and Whitstable Labour Party worked together to build a campaign against Veolia.
LINK(S): Press Release: Against expectation, Canterbury dumps Veolia!

WHEN: October 2012
WHERE: Netherlands
WHAT: The Board of Utrecht Regional (BRU) granted a ten-year contract for tram and bus transportation in the city and region of Utrecht to Qbuzz, replacing the former operator, Connexxion. Connexxion was taken over by Veolia in 2011.
WHO/HOW: A high profile campaign, spearheaded by a local group, U4P (Utrecht for Palestine) and aided by other activists and groups. 
LINK(S): Utrecht tram contracts placed

WHEN: September 2012
WHAT: The Quaker Friends Fiduciary Corporation (FFC) has divested from Veolia Environnement due to concerns about the company's involvement in the Israeli occupation.  
WHO/HOW: Advocacy by the Palestine Israel Action Group of the Ann Arbor Friends Meeting (AAFM). 
LINK(S): Quakers Divest from Veolia and Hewlett-Packard!

WHEN: August 2012
WHAT: Veolia has been excluded from contract to build and operate an incinerator/waste treatment facility serving North Wales. The contract is part of the North Wales Residual Waste Treatment Project and includes the Flintshire, Conwy, Denbighshire, Isle of Anglesey, and Gwynedd county councils.
WHO/HOW: Vigorous local campaigning, spearheaded by the Conwy County Peace Group as part of the broader, extremely successful, UK Dump Veolia campaign.
LINK(S): Veolia Dumped Again!

WHEN: May 2012
WHERE: Netherlands
WHAT: Veolia is not awarded a public transportation contract for all bus transport in The Hague's city district.
WHO/HOW: Advocacy efforts by groups such as Al-Haq, A Different Jewish Voice, and United Civilians for Peace.
LINK(S): Veolia Not Awarded Public Transit Tender in The Hague

WHEN: March 2012
WHAT: Veolia loses a substantial contract in East Sussex for waste collection, recycling, street and beach cleaning for Eastbourne, Hastings, Rother, and Wealden Council.
WHO/HOW: After vigorous local campaigns, such as Hastings Against War.
LINK(S): Veolia losts contract in East Sussex, UK due to vigorous campaign against it

WHEN: February 2012
WHAT: Jeremy Corbyn, MP (Member of Parliament) calls for economic operators aiding and abetting the building, maintenance, or servicing of illegal Israeli settlements to be excluded from public contracts in the EU. His Early Day Motion is signed by 76 other MPs. 
WHO/HOW: Following BDS campaign in UK. 
LINK(S): Early Day Motion 2717
Public Meeting: Boycott Veolia, end EU stake in settlements

WHEN: January 2012
WHAT: The National Union of Students expressed its support for campaigns calling on UK universities to abolish their relationship with Veolia and Eden Springs for their involvement in the occupation.
WHO/HOW: Student union joins BDS campaign. 
LINK(S): NUS Backs Campaigns Against Veolia and Eden Springs

WHEN: December 2011
WHERE: England
WHAT: Veolia lost contract valued at £485 million covering 1.4 million inhabitants of the West London boroughs of Brent, Ealing, Harrow, Hillingdon, Hounslow and Richmond-upon-Thames, for treatment of residual domestic waste.

WHO/HOW: Human rights campaigners lobbied Councillors and Council officials and submitted a letter to the West London Waste Authority.
LINK(S): GMB Congress 2011

WHEN: June 2011
WHERE: England
WHAT: The GMB, a general trade union, called on Veolia to stop giving succour to colonialist occupation.
WHO/HOW: A trade union joins the BDS campaign.
LINK(S): Veolia Takes Severe Blow as it Fails to 485 Million Pound Contract in West London

WHEN: May 2011
WHERE: England
WHAT: The Transport and Salaried Staff Association (TSSA) passed a motion demanding no new contracts with Veolia.
WHO/HOW: A trade union joins the BDS campaign.
LINK(S): TSSA Motion on Veolia May 2011

WHEN: May 2011
WHERE: England
WHAT: Veolia lost the new joint East Hants/Winchester City contract for rubbish collection (Hampshire) worth £30m.
WHO/HOW: The two local branches of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign played a key role with demonstrations and a petition, supported also by the Quaker (Religious Society of Friends) Justice and Peace Group in Winchester.
LINK(S): BDS victories: Dexia bank to sell Israeli subsidiary; Veolia loses another contract

WHEN: April 2011
WHERE: England
WHAT: Veolia is removed from selection for waste treatment infrastructure of £1 billion in South London.
WHO/HOW: Due to a year long “Bin Veolia” campaign by local activists and branches of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign.
LINK(S): Swedish Pension Funds call on Alstom, Veolia, and Motorola to withdraw from the occupied Palestinian territory

WHEN: March 2011
WHERE: Sweden
WHAT: The Board of Ethics of the 4 major Swedish national pension funds AP1, 2,3,4 called on Veolia and Alstom to end their involvement in the tram project linking Jerusalem to the OPT.
WHO/HOW: Based upon Veolia’s violations of international law.
LINK(S): Another BDS Victory as Veolia Dumped from Possible Billion Pound Tender

WHEN: March 2011
WHERE: England
WHAT: Portsmouth City Council chose another bidder over Veolia for its rubbish collection contract. Contract worth £20m.
WHO/HOW: Portsmouth and South Downs Palestine Solidarity Campaign had lobbied the council. However, they stated commercial reasons.
LINK(S): Portsmouth Dumps Veolia

WHEN: Feb/March 2011
WHERE: England
WHAT: Tower Hamlets town council voted to breakdown any existing or future relationship with Veolia because of its activities in the OPT. 
WHO/HOW: Part of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s “Bin Veolia” actions in the UK.
LINK(S): London Tower Hamlets Decision Notes (.pdf)
London council votes to Dump Veolia and support BDS

WHEN: February 2011
WHERE: England
WHAT: Richmond Council did not renew its street-cleaning contract with Veolia, worth £12m.
WHO/HOW: Palestine Solidarity Campaign had lobbied the council about Veolia. However, the council stated commercial reasons.
LINK(S): Value of lost contract source
Veolia lost contract in Richmond - West London

WHEN: December 2010
WHERE: Sweden
WHAT: Annual Report of Ethical Council of the Swedish National Pension Funds (AP1, AP2, AP3, AP4) added Veolia to their watchlist of companies involved in the occupation.
WHO/HOW: Based upon Veolia’s violations of international law.
LINK(S): Ethical Council Annual Report (.pdf)

WHEN: December 2010
WHERE: Scotland
WHAT: Veolia lost contract to privatize public services for garbage collection and street cleaning in Edinburgh.
WHO/HOW: Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign.
LINK(S): Scottish city council excludes Veolia

WHEN: December 2010
WHERE: Global
WHAT: The monitoring network Banktrack noted that financial investment in Veolia is "risky" because of its illegal activities in the OPT.
WHO/HOW: Based upon Veolia’s violations of international law.
LINK(S): Veolia Must Not Support the Israeli Occupation (french)

WHEN: November 2010
WHERE: Wales
WHAT: The Caerphilly County Borough Council in Wales passed a motion to exclude Veolia from any future contracts or renewal of contracts because of its breaches of international law. 
WHO/HOW: Global campaigning by BDS activists. 
LINK(S): Minutes of Caerphilly County Borough Council Meeting on Tuesday November 23rd 

WHEN: November 2010
WHERE: Netherlands
WHAT: The largest Dutch pension fund, PFZW (€97 billion) engaged with Veolia over its human rights abuses.
WHO/HOW: This act followed appeals by Dutch activists.
LINK(S): Major Dutch pension fund divests from occupation

WHEN: November 2010
WHERE: France
WHAT: Veolia loses bid to renew contract to operate the metro, bus and tramway lines in Lille, worth €1.2 billion.
WHO/HOW: Followed vigorous campaign by Association France Palestine Solidarite Nord Pas-de-Calais.
LINK(S): FRANCE: Veolia lost tender in Lille, France (french)

WHEN: October 2010
WHAT: Veolia signed a principle agreement to sell its shares in the Jerusalem Light Rail to the Israeli transportation cooperative Egged. Veolia will transfer shares to Egged over a five-year period.
WHO/HOW: Due to global pressure and previous contracts lost.
LINK(S): BDS Victory: Veolia Sells Shares in Jerusalem Light Rail
WHEN: October 2010
WHERE: Ireland
WHAT: Cork City Council voted to not sign or renew contracts with Veolia.
WHO/HOW: Followed precedents of Sligo, Galway, Dublin, Donegal, and Castlebar councils.
LINK(S): Cork City Council meeting notes (.pdf)
WHEN: June 2010
WHAT: TIAA-CREF divestment campaign was launched in the United States. The campaign includes a petition calling for divestment from five major companies involved in the occupation, including Veolia, and currently holds around 24,000 signatures.
WHO/HOW: TIAA-CREF campaign members/organization, such as the Jewish Voice for Peace.
LINK(S): TIAA-CREF: Divest from the occupation
WHEN: June 2010
WHERE: Wales
WHAT: Swansea City Council passed a resolution to exclude Veolia from all future contracts because of its activities in the OPT. These contracts are worth about £1bn per year.
WHO/HOW: Swansea Action for Palestine.
LINK(S): Swansea ban Veolia

WHEN: May 2010
WHERE: Ireland
WHAT: Dublin City Council unanimously passed a resolution calling on the City Manager not to renew any contracts with Veolia (Luas tram) and exclude all new contracts (metro)
WHO/HOW: People Before Profit councillors win council motion on Israel boycott campaign.
LINK(S): People Before Profit councillors win council motion on Israel boycott campaign
Dublin City Council Passes Refuses to Renew Contract with Veolia

WHEN: June 2009
WHAT: Veolia has lost $7 billion worth of contracts since the beginning of the campaign and considered abandoning the Jerusalem Light Rail project.
WHO/HOW: Due to global pressure and previous contracts lost.
LINK(S): Jerusalem rail operator jumps ship, Tel Aviv group isn't even responding
French company to withdraw from Jerusalem rail project

WHEN: June 2009
WHERE: Australia
WHAT: Veolia Transport failed to win the contract for the Melbourne light rail transit.
WHO/HOW: Following 4 month “Dump Connex” boycott campaign, led primarily by Australians for Palestine.
LINK(S): Melbourne dumps Connex following boycott campaign

WHEN: June 2009
WHAT: City of Tehran announced that Veolia would be excluded from bidding for key contracts for the city’s transportation services.
WHO/HOW: London-based Islamic Human Rights Commission pressured mayor of Tehran by rallying students. Also followed pressure from the BDS National Committee (BNC).
LINK(S): Tehran drops Veolia from city transport network
Veolia reportedly drops light rail project, but campaign goes on

WHEN: April 2009
WHERE: France
WHAT: Greater Bordeaux local government announced that the contract for the biggest urban network in France was awarded to Veolia’s competitor (worth $1 billion).
WHO/HOW: Lobbying by BDS Platform in Bordeaux. However, the council stated it was for commercial reasons only.
LINK(S): Derailing Injustice:Palestinian Civil Resistance to the “Jerusalem LightRail”

WHEN: April 2009
WHERE: Ireland
WHAT: Galway City Council voted (12 to 2 in favour) not to renew or enter into any contracts with Veolia (who had operated underground system).
WHO/HOW: Followed precedent of Sligo City Council. “Councillors were inundated with hundreds of emails from all over the world urging support for the motion.”
LINK(S): Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Putting words of support into boycott action

WHEN: March 2009
WHERE: England
WHAT: Sandwell City Council rejected the candidacy of a contract to Veolia garbage collection and recycling of 1.4 billion pounds. Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council excluded Veolia from Waste Improvement Plan (worth about $1.5 billion over 20 years).
WHO/HOW: West Midlands Palestine Solidarity Campaign led pressure campaign. However, council claimed decision was commercial.
LINK(S): Divestment campaign gains momentum in Europe

WHEN: February 2009
WHERE: Ireland
WHAT: Sligo City Council passed a motion not to renew any further contracts with Veolia because of its activities in the OPT.
WHO/HOW: “Activists in Ireland are approaching city councils with the request not to enter or renew contracts with Veolia.”
LINK(S): Putting words of support into boycott action

WHEN: January 2009
WHERE: Sweden
WHAT: Stockholm county council announced end of 10 year-long Stockholm county metro/subway contract with Veolia, which would have been worth 3.5 billion over the next 8 years.
WHO/HOW: Diakonia led a coalition of faith-based groups. However, council said decision based upon commercial factors.
LINK(S): Veolia Loses 3.5 Billion Euro Contract in Sweden

WHEN: November 2008
WHERE: Spain
WHAT: A Veolia campaign is launched in front of the Bilbao city hall in response to Bilbao's awarding of a bus contract to the company. 
WHO/HOW: Palestinian, Israeli, and international activists. 
LINK(S): Bilbao, the Basque Country, and Spain Join the Palestinian Campaign for Boycott Divestment and Sanctions Targeting Veolia. 

WHEN: August 2008
WHERE: Switzerland
WHAT: The Swiss Alternative Bank (ABS) acknowledged that Veolia did not meet their new criteria for investment, and expected Bank Sarasin to influence Veolia to withdraw from the tramway project or to sell its shares in Veolia.
WHO/HOW: Palestine solidarity activists based in Basel, Switzerland as well as clients of these banks put pressure.
LINK(S): Swiss bank excludes company involved with illegal tramway

WHEN: February 2008
WHERE: Netherlands
WHAT: The Dutch Triodos Bank announced that Veolia and Alstom did not meet its criteria for investment. The Bank will not invest in Veolia, among other companies, because of its involvement in the occupation.
WHO/HOW: Pressure by bank clients.
LINK(S): Pressure on Veolia mounts

WHEN: October 2007
WHERE: France
WHAT: AFPS with PLO took Veolia Transport and Alstom to court, invoking French civil code. A French court in Nanterre rejected the two companies claims that it had no jurisdiction in the case and reaffirmed the illegality of Israeli colonies in East Jerusalem etc.
WHO/HOW: Association France Palestine Solidarite (AFPS) used legal action.
LINK(S): PLO takes Veolia Transport and Alstom to court in France

WHEN: June 2007
WHAT: New England Conference of the United Methodist Church’s Divestment Task Force identified Veolia along with a list of other companies as a recommendation for divestment.
WHO/HOW: United Methodist Church.
LINK(S): Divestment Task Force (2010)
Church boycott calls ring louder

WHEN: November 2006
WHERE: Netherlands
WHAT: The ASN Bank announced that it would end its relationship with Veolia Transport, and all companies that benefit from Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territory.
WHO/HOW: Initial reach-out done by small group of individuals and organizations (ie. ASN clients, A Different Jewish Voice, the Interchurch Organisation for Development Co-operation), broadening into a larger coalition.
LINK(S): Principled Dutch ASN Bank ends relations with Veolia

WHEN: August 2006
WHERE: Ireland
WHAT: Veolia cancelled its contract with the Irish Trade Union to train Israeli drivers and engineers on the Dublin Luas tram (nearly identical to the illegal tramway being built in Jerusalem).
WHO/HOW: Overtures by the Ireland-Palestinian Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) led to pressure from Irish trade union representatives.
LINK(S): Irish tramline forced to cancel contract with Israeli occupation authorities in Jerusalem