Take Action: Veolia

Are there any Veolia contracts in your community?:
Use this tool to find out!


Watch this video and adapt these "Boycott Veolia" lyrics for your own use!!


  • Divest from Veolia

Is your church or school invested in Veolia? Are you invested in Veolia? Contact us at baysearchers@gmail.com, and we can help you check. Other campaigns have successfully divested from Veolia; use these examples to start strategizing your own campaign and educating the public about Veolia’s crimes. Also learn from the WE DIVEST campaign, which targets one of the biggest financial services in the U.S., TIAA-CREF, and calls upon this giant pension-fund service to divest from companies complicit in the occupation, including Veolia. Don’t forget to sign their petition!

In any campaign, use your resources. The United Methodist Church task force’s report recommends Veolia for divestment, along with several other companies supporting the Israeli occupation. The BDS Movement and Palestine Solidarity Campaign websites also have excellent Veolia campaign pages with further resources: background information, articles, a sample divestment letter, maps, and more.


  • Exclude Veolia from public contracts

Companies can and should be excluded from bidding for a public contract, or being awarded one, on ethical grounds or on the grounds of grave misconduct. The main thrust of the "Derail Veolia" campaign in Europe has been to demand that public authorities (mostly local municipalities) exclude Veolia from public contracts for aiding and abetting war crimes, and/or ethnic segregation. For example, in the Cambridge Bin Veolia campaign, students voted to break their university's contract with Veolia based on its compicity with Israeli human rights abuses. If your city or school does not weigh in such ethical concerns, you can help pass a resolution to allow for such considerations. This is a cause that can bring together many groups interested in corporate responsibility.

Find out if your town has Veolia contracts --- check our preliminary list, ask your local municipality, your school, your church, or your community what contracts it has with Veolia and when they terminate or are up for renewal. Find out if there are contracts that Veolia might bid on, or if new bids are being considered. If you find contracts not on our list, please update us at baysearchers@gmail.com.

Even if your council has no contract with Veolia, or only a long term one, you can ask for Veolia to be excluded from all future contracts until all related illegal activity ends. 
Companies, universities and local officials need to consider the effect on their reputation of doing business with a company like Veolia, complicit in ethnic segregation and war crimes. Many universities and businesses are not bound by transparency requirements, but provide avenues to this information willingly to those invested in their operations. Additionally, local governments are required to be transparent with contract information. 

Campaign tactics may include lobbying officials and representatives, teach-ins about segregation in the West Bank, presentations at official municipality meetings, local township meetings, media work, petitions, demonstrations, and presenting legal challenges with the help of legal counsel. Public employee unions usually oppose the privatization of public services, and they are natural allies in a Veolia campaign.


  • Current campaign approaches

First, check to see if there are Veolia contracts in your community.

1. If your community has no Veolia contract...make it Veolia Free! Lobby your local municipality to pass policy motions excluding Veolia from bidding on future contracts. Pass a resolution in your school or church to remain Veolia Free.

2. If Veolia is bidding or likely to bid on a local contract, or if one of its contracts is up for renewal, launch a campaign pressuring the decision-makers not to use Veolia.

3. If Veolia runs a local service such as a wastewater plant, a landfill, or a transportation service - use this location in order to educate people in your community about the occupation, colonization and segregation in the West Bank.

Here is a Veolia Flier that can be used or modified as part of your own campaign.