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December 2012
BDS Movement
NZ Super Fund Cuts Firms on Ethical Grounds
The New Zealand Superannuation Fund has excluded Elbit Systems, along with two other companies, from its investment portfolio (worth $20 billion) on the grounds that their involvement in the settlements are inconsistent with the UN Global Compact.  

Elbit systems
A list of Elbit Systems' yearly reports from 2006-2010.
February 2010
BDS Movement
See the BDS movement's official response concerning Elbit, and their corresponding fact sheet. 
Grassroots International
Article and fact sheet concerning the connection between the Separation Wall, Elbit Systems, and TIAA-CREF. 
We Divest.org
Detailed page on Elbit Systems involvement in the Israeli occupation, including links to important articles, fact sheets, and further resources. 
March 2008
Who Profits from the Occupation?
Brief summary of how Elbit Systems profits from the Israeli occupation.