Take Action: G4S


In some cases, companies can and should be excluded from bidding for a public contract, or being awarded one, on ethical grounds, or the grounds of grave misconduct. A first step can be asking local municipalities, schools, churches and communities what contracts it has with G4S and when they terminate or are up for renewal. Many universities and businesses are not bound by transparency requirements, but provide avenues to this information willingly to those invested in their operations. Additionally, local governments are required to be transparent with contract information.

  • Educate
    Make fliers, postcards, pamphlets, stickers, and other materials to spread the word about how G4S participates in poor labor practices all over the world, and how the global company is responsible for illegal activity in Palestine. Find creative means to protest G4S in your home town, such as the banner drop in Philadelphia. Use our Learn More About G4S page to find inspiration through other past demonstrations. Attend town meetings, write letters, participate in speaking events in your schools, churches and other community groups. Create or join a facebook page, like Stop G4S or  Boykot G4S!
  • Corporate Accountability Initiatives
    Corporations need to be held accountable for their complicity in the occupation and Israel’s crimes, and companies, universities and local officials need to consider the effects on their reputation of doing business with a company like G4S. Campaign methods include letter writing, contacting local municipalities, presenting at local township meetings, involving the media, writing petitions, holding demonstrations, and presenting legal challenges with the help of legal counsel.
  • Divest!
    Investor activism can be enacted with divestment initiatives. Managers of mutual funds, personal or church funds and socially responsible investment funds can be asked not to invest in G4S.  Are you invested in G4S through your own pension fund, or through your school or church? Are you profiting from their human rights abuses? Ask your investment managers to divest from G4S.  TIAA-CREF, one of the largest financial pension fund providers in the U.S., is invested in G4S. Sign this petition asking TIAA-CREF to divest from G4S.
  • Tools
    No To G4S is a blog tracking activity demanding justice against G4S.

    One successful protest tactic is creating alternative company material that includes factual information on human rights abuses and international law violations, as seen in the London action at the G4S annual investors meeting where pamphlets were distributed as an "alternative report" titled G4S: Promoting Injustice.

    Coalition-building, or connecting various movements affected by the abuses of G4S—such as migrant rights, prison justice, labor rights and Palestinian solidarity—is  a positive strategy to make important stands against the company's massive list of injustices and broaden our reach.


photo credit: Matt Aslett, Demotix