Cuba Travel FAQ

Cuba Travel Frequently Asked Questions

Can I travel to Cuba legally?
As of September 2015 US Regulations changed to allow US residents and citizens to travel to Cuba legally as long as they qualify under one of 12 categories (listed below)
Do I need a visa to travel to Cuba? 
Yes, you will need a Cuban visa for your visit in Cuba.  A Cuban visa, compulsory Cuban health insurance and the Cuban departure tax are generally included in the charter company airfare though it may vary from carrier to carrier so you should ask.  If you are travelling with Global Exchange and we arrange the air travel for the group, these items will almost always be included in the package price.  
How can I fly to Cuba?  
Global Exchange arranges the flights via Miami.  Commercial flights are beginning to Cuba so the US departure cities and prices will likely change in the near future.
How much free time will I have on my Cuba Reality Tour?  
You are required by US Regulations to have a full time schedule of activities that are applicable to the area under which you qualify.  Typically this means that you must participate in all the scheduled activities on the itinerary .  Time on your own will generally occur during afternoons and evenings.
 ​Can I stay in Cuba after the tour is over? 
If you stay in Cuba you must continue to qualify under one of the 12 categories for legal travel and you will need to provide a signed affidavit to the charter flight company designating that category.
How do I spend money in Cuba?  
Right now we recommend you only bring US Dollars, Euros or Canadian Dollars to Cuba . Once on the ground you must convert them to the Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC).  Despite recent changes it is still very difficult or impossible to use US Credit Cards and you are unable to access US accounts from Cuban Banks.
What is a casa particular?  
A casa particular is a similar to a bed and breakfast which provides a private room in a Cuban family home.  Breakfast is typically juice, coffee, eggs, fruit and toast. 
Will I have access to Internet & phone?  
Internet is found more widely across Cuba.  Internet cards are easily found and purchased at most hotels.  One hour is approximately 5 CUCs.  Wifi is best accessed in a hotel lobby as many wifi parks may be difficult to access a clear signal.
Will I need immunizations? 
While we don’t recommend any, It is best to consult with the Centers for Disease Control for a professional opinion
How far in advance should I book my trip to Cuba with you?  
As soon as possible is best.  Trips can fill up quickly at times though this also allows us to better secure accommodations and flights. 
What trips to Cuba do you have available? 
Click here to see a list of our current trips or contact to create a custom program for groups of 6 or more participants (like to custom tour page).