Vietnam and America’s war of 38 years ago are still very much a part of our country’s consciousness today. Now the US is again invading and occupying overseas. Yet Vietnam remains a painful enigma to most Americans, even those touched directly by the conflict. Global Exchange offers a unique look at this remarkably beautiful and dynamic nation. Neither a “tour of the battle fields,” nor a “shopping and eating spree in the beauty spots,” those who join the tour will see the real Vietnam as it is today.

A mix of socialism and capitalism, a country still healing the war wounds, and an energetic and proud society eager to reenter the world’s stage. Our tours give tour participants an insider’s connection to both urban and rural communities. The present government and relations with the US, education, the economy, health care, rebuilding the infrastructure, expanding trade, and taking care of the many victims of the war, both chemical and conventional, are covered in this travel seminar. The tourist meccas: the breathtaking beauty of Ha Long Bay, the temples of the Marble Mountains, and the cultural richness of Hoi An village balance out the itinerary.
There will be meetings with American combat veterans working to fund clinics and de-land mining programs, as well as many opportunities to experience the deep faith in Buddhism that has sustained Vietnam’s culture and society.

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