Uganda: Resources

Understanding African Politics
Deliberative global politics: discourse and democracy in a divided world.
Dryzek, John S. 2006
Citizen and subject: contemporary Africa and the legacy of late colonialism.
Mamdani, Mahmood. 1996.
When victims become killers: colonialism, nativism, and the genocide in Rwanda. 
Mamdani, Mahmood.  2001.

The Political Economy of Regionalism in Southern Africa
Margaret Lee

Norms in international relations: the struggle against apartheid.
Klotz, Audie. 1995.
Political legitimacy in Middle Africa: father, family, food.
Schatzberg, Michael G.  2001.
States and Power in Africa: Comparative Lessons in Authority and Control
Jeffrey Herbst
Africa Must Unite, Ch. 21, "Continental Government for Africa,"
Kwame Nkrumah,  pp. 216-222
East Africa in Search of National and Regional Renewal
Felicia Arudo Yieke, ed.

African Gender Politics
Changing the rules: the politics of liberalization and the urban informal economy in Tanzania.
Tripp, Aili Mari. 1997.
Global feminism: transnational women's activism, organizing, and human rights.
Tripp, Aili Mari.  2006
Activists Beyond Borders: Advocacy Networks in International Politics
Margaret Keck & Kathryn Sikkink

Understanding African Political Economy
"Globalization and Africa’s Options"
Newsletter of the African Association of Political Science, Yash Tandon, Vol. 3, Nos. 1-3 (1998)
Freedom and development. Uhuru na Maendeleo.
Nyerere, Julius K.  A selection from writings and speeches 1968-1973.
Tanzanian Politics and History:
Nyerere, Julius K. Ujamaa--essays on socialism. 1968

Films about Human Trafficking
Trading Women.
David A. Feingold.
Trading Women documents the sex trafficking trade in China, Thailand, and Burma, depicted as not just a local, but international problem (narrated by Angelina Jolie). 
Lilya 4-Ever.
Lukas Moodysson. 2002.
At 16 in the former Soviet Union, Lilya is left by her mother, and, penniless, turns to prostitution and the horrifying life it entails (109 minutes). 
Human Trafficking (Lifetime Ministries).
Christian Duguay. 2005.
This two-part mini-series starring Mira Sorvino and Donald Sutherland depicts the sex trafficking trade in Eastern Europe. 
Sex Slaves (PBS Frontline).
Ric Esther Bienstock. 2006.
One man provides a hidden-camera view of commercial sexual exploitation in Russian and Turkey by speaking with the traffickers, victims, and government officials in order to find and buy back the freedom of his trafficked wife (40 minutes). 
The Day My God Died.
Andrew Levine. 2003.
The Day My God Died tells the story of the countless girls sold into the sex trade in Bombay, the brave souls working to defend them (55 minutes). 
Anonymously Yours.
Gayle Ferraro. 2002.
Four women’s stories are weaved together in this 90-minute documentary about Burma’s sex trafficking trade. 
Dying to Leave.
Chris Hilton and Aaron Wolf. 2004. 
This 104-minute two part documentary explores the issue of human trafficking, and tells the story of a girl trafficked to Australia then sold into prostitution for 
three years. 
Luigi Acquisto. 2005.
Acquisto’s 60-minute documentary explores the sex trafficking trade in SE Asian and Australia through former Australian Federal Police Officer Chris Payne. 
Turning a Corner.
Salome Chasnoff. 2006.
In this 60- minute documentary, the stories of those affected by the sex trade in Chicago and their efforts to raise awareness for necessary policy reforms are revealed.