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Arab News Sources

  • Israel (Jerusalem Post)
  • Israel (Ha'aretz)
  • Lebanon (The Daily Star)
  • Malaysia (The Star)
  • Pakistan (Dawn)
  • Saudi Arabia (Arab News)
  • United Arab Emirates (Gulf News)
  • Yemen (Yemen Observer)
  • Dear Raed (Dear Raed)
    Highly opinionated Iraqi blogger otherwise known as Salam Pax the gay Iraqi blogger. Raed/Pax gives an on the ground report of what it is really like to be in Baghdad, as opposed to the sanitized media version of events.


Legal Resources

from occupation watch...


Breaking News

Electronic Iraq
A news portal that gathers breaking news, facts, and on-scene reports from Iraq.

Baghdad Independent Media Center
Independent articles and news produced by Iraqis in Iraq.

Baghdad Bulletin
Iraq's only English-language newsmagazine and one of the country's only independent publications.

Democracy Now
This is the online site of Amy Goodman's Pacifica Radio show, so while it provides breaking news, it also has transcripts of many interesting interviews.

Pychoanalyst Oppose War
This site gathers interesting breaking news and commentary.
Providing breaking news as well as action information, this site is very informative for any activist.
This World News Network portal gathers breaking news articles about Iraq from a diverse news sources on issues ranging from Iraq’s economy, energy, politics, health, as well as Iraq’s diversity.

The BBC provides wide-ranging coverage concerning the post-war order in Iraq with huge photo galleries, maps, a compilation of important documents and letters throughout the war, as well as statistical evidence on life in Iraq.


Humanitarian and Human Rights Concerns

International Red Cross Focus on Iraq
The International Red Cross website provides coverage of the humanitarian crisis in Iraq as well as detailing how organizations like themselves are attempting to alleviate the suffering. The field reports chronicle humanitarian concerns and their degree of severity in various regions of Iraq.

American Friends Service Committee
This is the American Friends Service Committee's Iraq Aftermath: The Human Faces of War website. It includes correspondents' reports, relief updates, and personal stories.

Human Rights Watch: Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan.
Includes alerts and reports on the human rights situation in Iraq.

International Humanitarian Law in Iraq Monitoring Site.
This portal, updated daily, provides users with a searchable database of links to research, reference materials, and news on International Humanitarian Law in Iraq.

Amnesty International Iraq Crisis Page
This website gives in depth coverage of the human rights violations in Iraq throughout the pre- and post-war period. It offers solutions to these abuses and ways in which you can help.

This site publishes reports made by OxFam on Iraq. It also has many stories from their reporters in Iraq focusing on the humanitarian crisis that has come with the U.S./British occupation.

Casualties of Iraqi War

Iraq Body Count
Iraq Body Count serves to provide an accurate, independent and comprehensive body count of civilians who have been killed in Iraq as a result of actions by the U.S. military and its allies. The complete database for the reported deaths is also located on the website.

Iraq Coalition Casualty Count
Iraq Coalition Casuality count gives a break down of coalition force deaths during and after the war.

Costs of War

Costs of War
This site provides a running tally of US dollars spent on the war in Iraq and compares it to money spent on education in the US.

Military Coverage

Center for Defense Information
The Center for Defense Information is an independent monitor of the military. This is their Eye on Iraq website.

Newspapers and Sites with Good Coverage and Analysis

ZNet's Iraq Watch Website

The Guardian

The Independent


The Future of Iraq Portal

Common Dreams


Iraq Action Coalition
The Iraq Action Coalition is an online resource center for activists working to end the war against the Iraqi people. The site includes news, action ideas, and an Iraq links page.

Coalition Provisional Authority Official Website

Bridges to Baghdad/Un Ponte Per Baghdad An Italian solidarity organization.

Bring Them Home Now.

Fellowship of Reconciliation The FOR Iraq Campaign of Conscience web page. Includes first-hand reports from recent delegation to Iraq.

Global Exchange

An international human rights organization whose founder helped establish the Occupation Watch Center. Global Exchange sponsors educational trips all over the world and will soon begin sponsoring delegations to Iraq.

Voices in the Wilderness
Voices in the Wilderness is a joint US/UK campaign to end the economic sanctions and military warfare against the people of Iraq. Since March 1996, over sixty Voices delegations have traveled to Iraq.

United for Peace and Justice

A coalition of more than 600 U.S. peace and justice groups and one of the organizational founders of the Occupation Watch Center.

Iraqi Democrats Against Occupation
Iraqi Democrats Against Occupation (IDAO) was formed by a group of progressive Iraqi activists who have been involved since 1991 in the committee of Iraqi Democrats Against War and Sanctions. This group will continue the campaign of solidarity with the Iraqi people in their struggle to end the illegal military occupation and to build a free, democratic and united Iraq.

Blogs: Daily Online First-Person Reports and

Iraq Democracy Watch
Iraq Democracy Watch is a website that provides daily information on the US relationship with Iraq.

Almost-daily report from a Baghdad native

Commentary and Analysis
These sites provides very interesting commentary on and analysis of international news covering Iraq.

Iraq War Reader

The Rational Enquirer