Since 1989, Global Exchange has played a leading role in the national campaign to normalize relations with Cuba, our Caribbean neighbor. Our primary goals are: 

  • End the U.S. Embargo of Cuba 
  • End Travel Restrictions between the U.S. and Cuba 
  • Get Cuba removed from the U.S. list of potential terrorist countries 
  • Support and learn from Cuba's struggles and successes in achieving Sustainable Development! 
Global Exchange's 20 Years of Support for Cuba
Global Exchange's grassroots education programs, Reality Tours, publications, speaking tours, and campaigns have informed the debate about US-Cuba relations for the last twenty years. 

Important Update: US Treasury changes to travel to Cuba regulations. Get more information.

Global Exchange is a licensed Travel Service Provider (TSP) by the Office of Foreign Assets Control and can continue to arrange educational travel for parties traveling under the General License or a People-to-People license.
Global Exchange has supported free interchange between the US and Cuba through the Freedom to Travel Campaign, humanitarian aid to Cuba through its Campaign to End the Embargo on Food and Medicines and the Soy Cubano Campaign; has supported cultural exchange through its promotion of the U.S. tour of La Colmenita, a Cuban children's theatre group; and has supported interchange between Cubans and U.S. citizens in every field of human endeavor through its Reality Tours, Cuban Rhythms and Dance program, and Spanish Language Study in Cuba programs and Cuban speakers who have toured the US. 

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