Brazil: Resources


Although Brazil is the largest country in Latin America and plays an important role in the region and in the world economy, most North Americans know little about this nation. That's unfortunate, especially considering the US government's frequent attempts to influence Brazilian policies.

Below are organizations from Brazil and around the world that are working to support progressive change in the country.


Global Exchange has formed a strategic partnership with the Brazilian human rights organization Social Network for Justice and Human Rights, whose staff includes Maisa Mendonça, Global Exchange's representative in Brazil. The Social Network for Justice and Human Rights focuses on assisting victims of human rights abuses by providing them with legal representation at international venues such as the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations, and by placing international observation teams of attorneys, journalists, and activists in areas of conflict. They are also co-founders of the Camapaign for the De-Militarization of the Americas, and active co-founders of the World Social Forum.
The Brazilian Landless Workers Movement is the largest social movement in Latin America and one of the most successful grassroots movements in the world. Hundreds of thousands of landless peasants have taken onto themselves the task of carrying out a long-overdue land reform in a country mired by an overly skewed land distribution pattern. (English)
Network of national coalitions working against the FTAA, housed in Brazil by the CUT.
The CUT is Brazil's main labor federation, founded in 1983, with over 7.5 million members.
Food First--is a member-supported, nonprofit people's think tank and education-for-action center committed to establishing food as a fundamental human right.
A central concentration on Brazil. Analysis of agreements between Brazil and IMF, World Bank, and the WTO. Documentation of frontline voices in the grassroots campaign within Brazil.
Jubilee South is an international movement calling for: cancellation of the unpayable debt of the world's poorest countries without harmful conditionalities (like structural adjustment.)
Listings and descriptions of NGO's within Brazil. Information on sustainable commerce initiatives. Environmental updates.
Rio Maria Committee of the U.S.
The Rio Maria Committee is an international solidarity network. It was begun in 1991 for the purpose of putting an end to the murders of peasant farmers by gunmen hired by cattle ranchers in the eastern Amazon region of Brazil.
Commission of people of faith working for dignity and justice for rural peoples in Brazil.
The US-based Nourish the New Brazil (NNB) Campaign supports sustainable food production and consumption to nourish the formation of a democratic and just Brazil. This Campaign is working in conjunction with the national Zero Hunger mobilization under way in Brazil.
Network of Brazilian non-governmental organizations.
Grassroots International is an independent agency committed to progressive social change. They work with community-based partner organizations that are transforming their societies as they struggle to secure social, political, economic and cultural rights.
Party Site and News
an education center that works to collect, discuss and disseminate the ideas of Paulo Freire, the famous Brazilian educator and educational philosopher and author of numerous books, including the Pedagogy of the Oppressed.
Struggles of the peoples of the Amazon Rainforest to live and work harmoneously in their environment.
Negotiations are underway to expand the disastrous NAFTA model by creating a "free trade" zone from Argentina to Alaska. But citizens across the hemisphere are uniting to stop this corporate juggernaut. See what you can do to join the struggle.
CAMPO works with a variety of grassroots community organizations in the metropolitan Rio de Janeiro area.