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Volunteer event listings, educational resources, links to organizations, and resource centers providing information on how to take action  action on the current issues within Bolivia and build solidarity!

Take Action

Tell Congress to Close the School of the Americas Visit the Legislative Action Index for more information on the new bill and to find out what more you can do to close the SOA and stop a new new threat of SOA Intervention in Bolivia!

Call for solidarity with IMC Bolivia and the Bolivian people!! Find out how you can help Indy Media keep news updated on Bolivia!

Get involved directly!
Plug into Public Citizen's campaign in solidarity with Bolivia

Online Resources

Search for news on Latin America by country.
Search archive and recent issues for articles on Bolivia.
Network of Latin America solidarity groups. List serve available.
Plug into Public Citizen's campaign in solidarity with Bolivia.
Research agriculture and natural resources in Bolivia, Latin America, and the world.
Join Hands Off Venezuela in Solidarity with Bolivia – no military coup, no foreign intervention!