San Luis Obispo and Culver City campaigns

In communities like San Luis Obispo and Culver City, CA, “fracking” (or hydraulic fracturing) has become a growing land, water and health concern. While fracking is happening in 34 states across the country—where some communities can actually light water from their faucet on fire — it is going on unregulated in California.

The Community Rights Program is working with the communities of San Luis Obispo and Culver City to pass rights-based ordinances that will BAN fracking at the local level. The path for these cutting-edge new laws that enable citizens to say 'No!' to fracking has already been paved by a dozen other US communities, including the city of Pittsburgh, PA. 

In May of 2012, Community Rights Program Director Shannon Biggs was invited by Transition Towns San Luis Obispo County to present rights-based organizing to community members and to build a conversation around community rights and the issues of fracking and water rights in the city. Since then, we have joined dozens of organizing calls with residents from both San Luis Obispo and Culver City. 

After a series of community meetings and discussions including a Democracy School held in San Luis Obispo October 13th-14th, 2012, the communities have decided to move forward with campaigns to pass ordinances that assert their right to clean and safe local water supplies and to decide whether fracking should happen where they live (and, subordinate corporations to local, democratic, rule)

Stay tuned for more campaign updates! 


Further Resources

  • Listen to an interview with Shannon Biggs about community rights  on San Luis Obispo community radio, The Dave Congalton show




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