Renewable Power Payments

Renewable Power Payments, also known as "CLEAN contracts" or “Feed-in-Tariffs”, typically offer payments to project owners for the amount of renewable electricity they produce, guarantee access to the grid, and stable long-term contracts. Germany’s feed-in-tariff policies, adopted in 2000, accelerated the deployment of cleaner energy generation technologies and expanded access to renewable energy. Similar policies have been implemented in 63 jurisdictions around the world to date, including some US states.

We are excited that Governor Jerry Brown’s Clean Energy Jobs Plan has called for 12,000 MW of clean energy from renewable power payments.

In 2001, in coalition with other organizations, we will advocate for Renewable Power Payments legislation to be passed by the California State Legislature.

We see strong Renewable Power Payment legislation as a means to increase our use of renewable energy sources while decreasing our dependence on fossil fuels, as well as to build local green economies through local job creation. The higher percentage of renewable energy generation will translate into fewer green house gas emissions and reduced pollutants compared to fossil fuels, as well as an increase in green energy careers.

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